District Administration is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the departments and school building staff in District 224 to provide for the education of students who reside in the District.  At the same time, District Administration also provides responsible oversight of the funds entrusted to the District by the residents.

District Administration is responsible for long-range planning for District 224 both educationally and financially.
District Administration is supervised by the Superintendent of Schools, who reports directly to the Board of Education, the elected representatives of the District 224 community. 

District Office Staff

Jerry J Becker, Superintendent Email Jerry J Becker
Lorraine Peters, District Bookkeeper Email Lorraine Peters
Sarah VanWassenhove, Administrative Assistant, Email Sarah VanWassenhove

Administrative Office:
Phone (309) 932-2108 / Fax (309) 932-8326
Elementary School:
Phone (309) 932-2420 / Fax (309) 932-8716
Jr/Sr/ High School:
Phone (309) 932-2151 / Fax: (309) 932-2152
Bus Garage:
(309) 932-3200

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