Bully Report

Galva School District is working to impact school safety and bullying behaviors.  Students are being taught about the negative impacts of bullying, reminded of consequences, and informed of reporting procedures.  Staff members are receiving training.   Anyone can report bullying behavior by using an on-line form at:  Bullying Report Form.  A common definition is being shared with all stakeholders:  Bullying is any unwanted aggressive behavior(s) carried out by student(s) who are not siblings or current dating partners, involving an observed or perceived power imbalance.  These behaviors are likely repeated, and target a victim based upon one or more distinguishing characteristics. 

Reports will be routed to the appropriate building principal for investigation and follow-up.  Founded individual reports will be acted upon in accordance with procedures in each building's handbook.  Cumulative data from all reports will be shared with the Board of Education to better shape policy and procedures over time.

A School Resource Officer is being utilized to maintain a safe environment during school days and at special events.  Duties will include monitoring visitors, training staff, building positive relationships with students, and when necessary, applying law enforcement procedures if a crime is committed on district grounds, or at district events.